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JNAFA University, Hyderabad is conducting Entrance Examination for Admissions into the Four Year Degree in Bachelor of Fine Arts and Bachelor of Design Courses, offered for the academic year 2019-20.


Intermediate or Equivalent

How to Apply:

The application form, along with the registration fee, has to be submitted online by June 22 along with late fee charges.

To access the online application form, click here.

Registration Fee:

Registration fee is Rs. 1200 (Rs. 600 for SC/ST candidates) and has to be paid online along with late fee payment charges of Rs. 3000.

Exam Schedule:
Course Date Time
B.F.A. (Applied Art, Painting, Sculpture & Animation) 29-06-19 10:00 A.M. –  3:00 P.M.
B.F.A. (Photography) 30-06-19 10:00 A.M. –  12:30 P.M.
B. Design (Interior Design) 30-06-2019 2:00 P.M. –  5:00 P.M.


For more information, click here.

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