Being The Change Model United Nations (MUN) [May 29-30]: Application Closed!

Be The Change Model United Nations (MUN) is a life-changing experience designed for teenagers and young adults who aspire to use their voice to bring about a change. As it is clear from our name, a Model UN is a replica of a United Nations Conference.

If you are new to the concept of MUNs, check the video “What is a MUN” on our YouTube channel with the name- Be the Change MUN. The video is a recording of a session conducted by us where we explained all the attendees the same. The speaker was Teshi Sharma, a highly experienced MUNner and widely known across the Pune Circuit.

If you have any doubts after seeing the video, kindly contact us.


Conference Dates: May 29-30


Preferred age group-13 to 20 years

Committees and Agendas

Treatment of refugees and economic migrants with special emphasis on xenophobia.

2. UNW
Discussing steps taken towards achieving the 5th SDG and empowerment of women with emphasis on Asian Countries.

Steps taken towards attainment of 4th SDG with special emphasis on children as victims of war, natural calamities and poverty.

Benefits of taking part in BTCMUN
  • Highly experienced and encouraging Executive Board
  • Training session and lifetime access to it
  • Relevant agendas
  • Exciting cash prizes:
    • Best Delegate: 800/-
    • High Commendation: 600/-
Registration Charges

Conference charges are 399/-

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