AstraX 2022 by IIT Mandi [April 22-24]: Register by April 20: Expired

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IIT Mandi is inviting registrations for AstraX 2022, their School Championship.

About AstraX 2022 School Championship

AstraX 2022, the biggest Astrofest of India catalogues a number of Events and Interactive sessions for the Astronomy and Space Enthusiasts. This event is brought to you by AstraX 2022 and Motion Education Pvt. Ltd. The School Championship is specifically designed for high school students (grades 8 to 12) who share a keen interest in stars, space and beyond. It brings forth talks and various competitions spread over a span of three days.


  • April 22, 4 pm: A session by Nitin Vijay Sir: Nitin Vijay Sir, popularly known as NV Sir, is a renowned teacher and a great mentor besides being the founder and CEO of Motion Education Pvt. Ltd., one of the leading coaching institutes in Kota.
  • April 22, 5 pm: [Round 1 – Phobos and Deimos]: A fun challenge where you have to compare images of various astronomical objects.
  • April 23, 5 pm: [Round 2 – AstroQuiz]: A quiz packed with questions covering various aspects of astronomy and space science.
  • April 24, 5 pm: [Round 3 – Navigate by the Stars]: Maps and pictures of the night sky will be provided to you and then you will have to search for the landmark where the sky looks akin to them.

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Edureka - PG Diploma in AI & Machine Learning


  • Any student from grades 8 to 12 can participate in this event.
  • All participants within a given team must belong to the same school institute.
  • Team size: 3-4 members

Please refer to the rulebook at:

Registration Details

  • Registration fee is ₹80 per team.
  • Interested candidates can register online via this page.


The event consists of three successive rounds in which contingent teams from schools will compete to become one of the top 3.

The contingent teams from schools will compete to become one of the top 3 and for various interesting prizes worth ₹17k!

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AstraX 2022 by IIT Mandi [April 22-24]: Register by April 20

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