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ASSOCHAM’s Conference on Water Management [Delhi, June 30]: Registrations Open

New approaches to water engineering technology are vital in meeting today’s demand of water. Rising energy costs and global warming, both linked to the use of fossil-fuels, drive the need for less energy-intensive forms of water processing and reduced greenhouse gas production.

Potential technological solutions and the multifarious associated environmental, economic, societal and sustainability challenges are vital areas demanding attention. To address these challenges with an integrated and holistic perspective, ASSOCHAM is organizing its mega Water Event: “National Conference on WATER MANAGEMENT – Technology | Innovation | Sustainability” in New Delhi.

The conference aims to disseminate cutting edge research in water engineering, sustainability of water resources and energy efficiency including water industry technology innovations. The scope shall include connecting expertise, investment and inspired ideas for applied research and technological and industrial development across the country as well as globally.

Participants will include leading academic researchers, scientists and engineers from water processing and associated industries as well as representatives of government organizations, international agencies and aid organizations.


  • To address newer approaches to water engineering technology including research & development in meeting today’s demand of water
  • To develop new and sustainable means to supply, recycle and reuse water resources
  • To deliberate upon the associated environment, economic, societal and sustainability challenges in water sector

Focus Areas

  • Innovations in supply & distribution of water resources
  • Solar powered water supply
  • Latest technologies in water storage systems
  • Industrial research and innovation issues
  • Research and development in water generation
  • Test and measurement of water quality
  • Skill and training in water resource management
  • Potable drinking water

Who should attend

  • Government officials and Policy Makers
  • Technocrats, advisors & policy makers
  • National and International Organizations
  • Research organizations
  • Scientists, Academicians, Consultants & Researchers
  • Water industry
  • Business associates
  • Corporates and Business Communities
  • Technology and solution providers
  • NGOs, Water User Associations & Community Organizations
  • Water resource planners & engineers

Registration Fee:

Rs. 3,000/- per delegate.

For more details and to download the registration form, visit the official link here.


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