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Logo Design Competition for Assam Skill Development Mission: Cash Prize of Rs. 20,000; Submit by June 6

Skill development is one of the ideal ways to ensure justified and optimum utilization of human resource. However, this is possible only when the right type of education accompanies. Assam currently faces a huge skilled manpower gap which escalates the issue of unemployment to a great extent.

The initiative of Assam Skill Development Mission (ASDM) has been undertaken by the Government of Assam with a view to addressing these challenges of creating skill development, employment, and entrepreneurship opportunities within the state. The objective of this mission is to amplify the income levels of the youth of Assam, thereby raising the socioeconomic status of the State.

ASDM functions as an Apex Body, which focuses on skill development activities in public as well as private sectors. Job readiness being a mighty calling in a person’s career, ASDM also prepares short-term and long-term skill plans for the youth to make them more employable. Aiming towards yielding meaningful employment, this Apex Body nurtures a vision to increase the capacity and capability of the system to deliver quality skill training.

The Competition

Assam Skill Development Mission (ASDM), Government of Assam invites entries from interested persons for a logo design competition. This logo, which would be used in the official website of ASDM, shall help the mission establish its unique identity. In a world that is going digital, the logo will also help the mission leave a digital footprint of its actions, communications, and contributions manifested on the Internet.

Guidelines for Submitting Entries:

  • Entries should be submitted in JPG, PDF, or PNG format only.
  • The file should contain artwork that has been drawn on Illustrator, and not imported to it.
  • All fonts should be converted to outlines.

Technical Parameters:

  • Logo artwork should be at least 2 inches long on the smallest side.
  • The file should be of high resolution – at least 300 pixels per inch at 100% size.
  • The file should look clean (not pixelated or bitmapped) when viewed on screen at 100%.
For more details, please see this link.


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