Army Institute of Technology’s Fest Amethyst 2018 [Pune, Jan 19-21]: Registrations Open

Army Institute of Technology was founded in 1994. The beautiful campus, serene ambience and architectural splendor, state of the art infrastructure, all provide vital ingredients for a delectable academic environment for development of total quality engineers.
The cultural fest of Army Institute Of Technology is synonymous with all the glitz, glamour, colour, talent, never ending perseverance, glory and victory. It is one of the most awaited college fests in Pune .With 3000-4000 students in the campus for 3 days with passion running down their veins, brains going crazy with ideas with a hunger to perform and showcase all that they have, Amethyst becomes a success story every year.
Amethyst is huge also because it has competitions in all domains ranging from fine arts to literature, debate, dramatics and quizzing to singing and dancing and on the final night of the fest, the crowd shouts the loudest.
Fine Arts

  • Scribble
  • Graffiti
  • Rang Barse
  • Enigma

For detailed information, visit here.
Debate and Dramatics

  • Dais Interdiction
  • Jury Rig
  • Nukkad Natak
  • Humor Games

For detailed information, visit here.

  • Nerdicon
  • BCJ Quiz

Night Events

  • Alankar
  • Esmeralda
  • Apocrypha

For detailed information, visit here.
Participants can registration here.
For any queries, contact

  • Call: 9168903501
  • Email: ait.culuturalboard@gmail.com
For any further information, visit the website here. 

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