Arkiora 3.0 National Level Management & Cultural Fest @ Amity University, Bangalore [Nov 14-15]: Registrations Open

About Arkio’ra

Arkio’ra, 2018 is a National Level Management and Cultural Fest hosted by Amity, Bangalore. A spectacular event with its distinguished rounds in various spheres of business, attracts the best of talent to one platform.

Arkio’ra in the past has lived up to the expectation of its meaning which is ‘The beginning of a new era’. Arkio’ra, 2018 is set on high standards with the perfect blend of leadership qualities and cultural extravagance. Keep the spirits high and get to the right place to test your management skills in its true sense. The era is set to begin!


The theme for Arkio’ra 2018 is ‘The Agility Paradox’. Today’s markets are changing more rapidly than ever before. As technology advances, traditional barriers to market entry fall. A category – transforming idea could arrive from outside the industry or across the globe – at any minute. Only a few years ago, no one could have anticipated how quickly Zipcar and Airbnb would shake the foundations of their Industries.

At the same time, brands’ actions have been laid open to public scrutiny in ways previously unknown. What happens in one corner of the world can no longer be kept from another.

Today’s strongest and best performing brands are operating in the constant risk of being de-throned. These companies are being adaptive and nimble while remaining fixed on core tenets, nurturing a harmonious relationship between two divergent dimensions. We call this phenomenon ‘The Agility Paradox’.

Management Rounds
  1. Best Manager
  2. Finance
  3. Corporate Strategy
  4. Human Resources
  5. Marketing
  6. Business Quiz
Cultural Rounds
  1. Group Dance
  2. Solo Dance
  3. Standup Comedy
  4. Beat Boxing
  5. Fashion Show
  6. Photography
Rules And Regulations
  1. The Registration amount is Rs. 3500/- per contingent for Management Verticals.
  2. Rs. 300/- for solo events and Rs. 1200/- for Group Events– Culturals.
  3. All contingents have to register latest by 10th November, 2018.
Importnat Dates

The fest will be held in the Amity, Bangalore campus on the 14th and 15th of November.


Amity Global Business School,
372, Kormangala, St. Johns Hospital Road,
3rd Block, Bangalore- 560034 (Karnataka), India

  1. Phone: +91 9603581582
  2. E-mail:
For more information, visit the official site by clicking here.

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