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Argelander Scholarships for Doctoral Candidates 2021 by The University of Bonn, Germany [Funding Available]: Apply by May 31: Expired

About The University of Bonn

The University of Bonn is one of eleven German Universities of Excellence, the only university with six Clusters of Excellence and more Nobel Prize winners and Fields Medalists have emerged from this University in the past decades than from any other German university. For 200 years, this University has been shaped by outstanding personalities from a wide range of subjects.

They are known for research-led study programs, the international flair of Bonn as German’s city of the United Nations and as part of a dynamic science region in the heart of the liveable Rhineland. With around 35,000 students, 6,000 doctoral candidates, 550 professors and 6,000 employees, The University of Bonn is one of the largest traditional research universities in Germany.

What is the goal of the funding line?

The aim is to provide funding for doctoral candidates from countries in the Global South in order to promote scientific exchange with partners, particularly in regions that have been relatively marginalized in terms of scientific production. In order to promote international cooperation in the priority regions indicated in the partnership strategy, the University of Bonn is especially calling on doctoral candidates from Africa, South America and Asia to participate. The funding is for a period of at least 3 and not more than 12 months.

This funding line is intended to intensify collaborations between scientists in Bonn and their partners in the above- mentioned regions, and expand such collaborations with respect to the promotion of early-career researchers. When the application is submitted, a formal or informal cooperation agreement should already exist between the home institute of the doctoral candidate and the host institute in Bonn. The host researchers in Bonn act as applicants.

Who is eligible for funding?

Preference is given to doctoral candidates pursuing a doctoral degree at a university or a research institute in Africa, Latin America or Asia. Doctoral candidates who are already pursuing their Ph.D. at the University of Bonn are not eligible for funding. Recipients of funding should finish their doctorates at their home university (to avoid brain drain).

What is the size of the funding?

The funding can cover the following:

  • A travel allowance (depending on country of origin)
  • A scholarship of € 1,500 per month (additional funds for accompanying family members: up to € 300 for a spouse and € 250 per child)
  • A research expense allowance of up to € 300 per month that can be submitted to the International Office after the scholarship has been awarded. Information on applying for the allowance will be provided with your scholarship award.

Insurance benefits are not included in the scholarship.

The funding is for a period of at least 3 and not more than 12 months.

What are the selection criteria?
  • The quality of the research project to be pursued as part of the doctoral studies during the candidate’s stay in Bonn
  • The intensity of the existing cooperation or its potential for future growth between the applicant and the home institution of the doctoral candidate.
  • The integration of the doctoral candidate into an existing research environment in Bonn (e.g. integration into a BIGS work group, etc.; use of a workplace, etc)
  • An effective supervision blueprint under the cooperation agreement.
Who submits the application?

The application must be submitted by a full-time professor from the University of Bonn. The doctoral candidates must submit a signed motivational letter.

What is the application time frame?

Submission deadline: May 31, 2021 (for funding starting at the earliest in January 2022, and no later than July 2022)

How is the application submitted?

Electronically via Application form Argelander Scholarships for Doctoral Candidates

What does the application include?
  • Online form
  • Project description (PDF of max. 8 pages), consisting of:
    • An outline of the research project to be worked on during the person’s stay in Bonn
    • Reasons for the host to invite the doctoral candidate
    • An outline of how the doctoral candidate will be integrated at the host institute (place of work, participation in the institute’s teaching and research activities), and an outline of how the project will be supervised in Bonn
  • CV and motivational letter of the doctoral candidate (PDF)
  • A financing plan (please use the following Excel table, download here)

International Office
International Students and Study Programs
Sandra Papel
Phone: +49 228 73-9527

For more details, click the link below.

Argelander Scholarships for Doctoral Candidates 2021

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