Arch Out Loud’s Dwell: Int. Architecture Competition’18 [Prizes upto INR 5 lakh]: Register by April 30: Expired

About the organisers:
‘arch out loud’ is an architectural research initiative dedicated to providing opportunities for designers to explore the current atmosphere of architectural and cultural thought. ‘arch out loud’ is dedicated to maintaining a research platform through which designers can explore contemporary issues and fronts of the architectural discourse through architecture competitions and publications.
About the Competition:
1. Challenge: ‘arch out loud’ challenges competition entrants to design a mixed dwelling development on one of the last undeveloped sections of Mumbai’s coastline. 
Entrants will design for both the indigenous fishing community that has occupied the site for hundreds of years – as well as a new demographic drawn to the affluent neighborhood that now encompasses the site. Proposals should identify architectural and planning solutions that support integration between these socio-economically distinct communities.
2. Location: Worli Koliwada sits on the northern tip of Worli, one of the seven original islands of Mumbai. There are nearly 40 koliwadas (fishing villages) in Mumbai, many of which are under threat due to steady declines in annual catch and competing development interests.
Please note, the satellite maps of the location can be viewed on the website of the organisers, available here.
3, Background: In a city where land is regarded as the most precious resource, it may only be a matter of time before Worli Koliwada is replaced by more profitable ventures. In 2015, the village was sent a notice from the Slum Rehabilitation Authority to declare 22 plots as slums – the first step in claiming the land for future development. In December 2017, the SRA re-opened this contentious case against the opposition of most locals.
4. Core questions: Worli Koliwada’s unique combination of historical, social, and environmental significance have protected it from the brazen development happening elsewhere in the city.
What might a successful mixed dwelling development look like in Mumbai? Is there a way to capitalize on the city’s rich traditions and history without destroying them?
Important dates:
DEC 11TH, 2017- Advanced registration opens
FEB 1ST, 2018- Advanced registration closes ($55 i.e. approx. INR 3505/-)
FEB 2ND, 2018- Early registration opens
MAR 29TH, 2018- Early registration closes ($75 i.e. approx. INR 4780/-)
MAR 30TH, 2018- Regular registration opens
APR 30TH, 2018- Registration deadline ($95 i.e. approx. INR 6054/-)
MAY 1ST, 2018- Submission deadline
MAY 28TH, 2018- Winners Announced

  • First Position: $ 5000 (i.e. INR 3,18,675/- approx.) + Certificate and Publications.
  • 3 Runner up positions: $1000 each (i.e. INR 63,735/- approx.) + Certificate and Publications.
  • Director’s Choice Award (Highest recognized proposal by arch out loud directors): Certificate of Achievement + Publication. 
  • 10 Honorable Mentions: Certificate of Achievement + Publication.

You can register for the competition here.

For more information, you can visit the original website here.


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