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Aparoksha’20, Techno-Management Fest at IIIT Allahabad [March 26-29]: Registrations Open

AparkoshaAparoksha — the annual techno-management festival of IIIT-Allahabad collaborates with enthusiasts who code, design, create to empower India to be tech years ahead digitally and to foster creativity through technology.
The date of this edition of Aparoksha’20 is from 26th – 29th March 2020.
The flagship events include Hack in the North, GrayHound, Nova, B00t2root, Tech Tour, Confab, StartUp Intern Fair, FragFest, Humblefool Cup, APKTalks and Alkhwarism.
Besides, continuing the successful legacy of Aparoksha’19 , this year’s edition will also feature an Aparoksha Month, a month-long event of workshops and exercises for freshmen students, helping them to explore their interests in this ever-increasing area of information technology and learn some new things every day.


Details can be taken by contacting the team

Contact Details

Pratham Prakash Gupta: 7008457567, ihm2017003@iiita.ac.in

For updates, follow this Facebook page.

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