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Antaragni’ 18 Junoon Eastern Fusion Rock Band Competition @ IIT Kanpur [Oct 25-28]: Registrations Open

By: Jagriti Sanghi | 30 Sep 2018 3:40 PM
About Antaragni

Antaragni is one of the largest cultural festivals of Asia and has attained legendary status over the past 52 years.

A four day cultural extravaganza, with intense participation and a history of producing some of the most memorable performances and participants who have went on to become celebrities, Antaragni is a once in a lifetime experience.

  1. Comic-Kaun: For the budding stand-up comic inside you, this is Antaragni’s very own stand up comic event.
  2. Dance: You got the moves? You got the sync? Guess what, we have the platform. From classical dance to street dance battle, from solo events to team performances – there is a plenty for you to participate in.
  3. Dramatics: Because all the world is a stage! Let the actor / director / screenplay writer living inside you out. Participate in Stage Play and Nukkad.
  4. English Literary Events: For those who love reading, speaking and writing, literary events add the fuel to the fire by giving them the right platform to showcase their skills and even have fun in lighter events like Dumb Charades and JAM.
  5. Films: For India and Indians are madly in love with cinema, there is always an aspiring filmmaker at every nook and corner.
  6. Fine Arts: Fine art events give the aspiring artists the right canvas to get their brush strokes noticed.
  7. Hindi Literary Events
  8. Juno: Budding fusion bands battling out in their quest for glory – Junoon aims at bringing out the best of fusion and has witnessed some excellent performances over the years.
  9. Musicals: Let the aspiring playback singer in you find the right mic. Let the composer in you find the right tune. Sing, play and win hearts. Musicals at Antaragni offers multitude of events -from A Capella to solo singing, for you to choose from.
  10. Photography: With more than 5000 entries, each of which depicted the photographer’s perspective of the world, the Antaragni photography contest in a standout performer in its class.
  11. Quiz: Listen, pounce, answer! A wide range of quizzing events catering to all dimensions of quizzing – from Mela to Pop culture – the battle is going to be even more intensive this year.
Important Dates

The four day cultural extravaganza will take place o the dates Oct 25-28, 2018.

  1. Phone: 8127630110 
  2. E-mail: Animesh Mishra (Head, Events & Competitions)
For full details and registration, visit the official website by clicking here.

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