Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs Webinar Series [April 16, 24, 29]: Registrations Open

Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs Webinar Series [April 16, 24, 29]: Registrations Open

ANDE India webinar Series
ANDE India webinar Series

Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE) is conducting a webinar series on engage in discussions around various facets of the SGB ecosystem.

ANDE is hosting 3 webinars for the month:

1. Measuring social impact: April 16th, 2020, 10:30 AM IST

In partnership with ANDE Members Vera Solutions and AVPN, along with

With the sector’s increased focus on accountability and transparency, the ability to tie resource inputs to positive outcomes is more important than ever before. However, many nonprofits, foundations, and social enterprises are still struggling to use data to understand their impact and inform program design and delivery.

In this webinar, Vera Solutions,, and AVPN will discuss the challenges organizations face when it comes to measuring impact across a global portfolio of grants, programs, and investments, and how to address them using the right tools and best practices. AVPN will share how they’ve taken an impact-first approach to digital transformation, enabling their staff to work cross-functionally, communicate effectively, work towards a common goal, and implement learnings in near real-time.

Vera Solutions will also share a live demo of Amp Impact, a flexible impact measurement solution on Salesforce, helping organizations manage their portfolios over time and across geographies—from creating logical frameworks to tracking targets and results against custom indicators to generating reports and dashboard to evaluate progress against goals.


Saipriya Salla, Email:

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2. The legal aspect of Social Success Notes, April 24th, 2020, 3 PM IST

In partnership with ANDE Members Asha Impact and SAP, with speaker GameChanger Law Advisors

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3. The role of gender in acceleration based on GALI Findings, April 29th, 2020, 3:30 PM IST

In partnership with ANDE East and Southeast Asia with Abby Davidson, Senior Research Analyst, ANDE

There is significant evidence that women entrepreneurs face unique challenges in starting and growing businesses, particularly in emerging markets. Acceleration programs represent one potential model for overcoming these challenges through support services and investment.

Using data from the Global Accelerator Learning Initiative (GALI), this webinar examines trends in the acceleration of women led ventures through two lenses: first, at the venture-level, by analyzing outcomes for women-led ventures applying to and emerging from accelerator programs; and second, at the program-level, by analyzing actions taken (or not taken) by acceleration programs specifically targeted at improving their support for women-led ventures.

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ANDE India webinar Series

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