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About the Specialization

This course will introduce you to Amazon Web Services (AWS) core services and infrastructure. Through demonstrations, you’ll learn how to use and configure AWS services to deploy and host a cloud-native application.
Early in the course, your AWS instructors will discuss how the AWS cloud infrastructure is built, walk you through Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) and Amazon Lightsail compute services. They’ll also introduce you to networking on AWS, including how to set up Amazon Virtual Public Cloud (VPC) and different cloud storage options, including Amazon Elastic Block Storage (EBS), Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) and Amazon Elastic File Service (EFS). Later in the course, you’ll learn about AWS Database services, such as Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) and Amazon DynomoDB. Your instructors will also walk you through how to monitor and scale your application on AWS using Amazon CloudWatch and Amazon EC2 Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) and Auto Scaling. Lastly, you’ll learn about security on AWS, as well as how to manage costs when using the AWS cloud platform.
In this course, you won’t be required to complete hands-on exercises, but we strongly suggest you take advantage of the AWS Free Tier to follow along as the instructors demonstrate the AWS services. Class forums will also allow you to ask questions and interact with AWS training instructors. After completing this course, you’ll have the basic fundamentals to get started on AWS.

Edureka - PG Diploma in AI & Machine Learning
Edureka - PG Diploma in AI & Machine Learning

This course has been developed by AWS, and is delivered by AWS technical instructors who teach cloud computing courses around the globe.

What you will Learn?

  • Learn AWS fundamental concepts including Regions, Availability Zones, and Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs)
  • Learn how to use AWS compute, storage, database, and security services via the AWS Console
  • How to make an application durable, distributed, and highly available

Course Content

  • Introduction, Infrastructure, and Compute
  • Networking and Storage on AWS
  • Databases on AWS
  • Monitoring and Scaling
  • Security, Cost Management, and Course Conclusion


  • Allen Goldberg, Senior Technical Program Manager, AWS Training and Certification
  • Morgan Willis, Senior Technical Trainer, AWS Training and Certification
  • Blaine Sundrud, Senior Technical Trainer, AWS Training and Certification

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Amazon Web Services Fundamentals: Going Cloud-Native
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