Amalthea 2019 Annual Tech Summit at IIT Gandhinagar [Oct 19-20]: Registrations Open: Expired

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Amalthea will be entering double digits this year. 2019 marks the tenth anniversary of the tech summit. As with any event a lot has changed over the last ten years. It has continuously evolved and got bigger and better. With lots of exciting events and the big prize, Amalthea will be a platform for people to witness new technology and events around the globe.


  1. The charts: Technical skill is mastery of complexity, Art is mastery of simplicity.
  2. Drone Racing Amalthea: A thrilling do-or-die tournament where professionals from all over India showcase their drone racing skills in an exquisitely constructed arena.
  3. Inquizzed: The congregation of intellects is back this year to raise the bar of quizzing yet again.
  4. Brainwiz: Testing school student’s logical aptitude and applicative knowledge of science and maths.
  5. Drift: Build your own beast to compete against the opponents and win huge prize money.
  6. Icon: ICon (Innovative Conference) is an event that aims to bring hidden and unknown ideas/innovations in front of the world.
  7. D’Code: Decode is a three-hour competitive programming contest held on Codechef.
  8. CryptixCTF: CryptixCTF is a Jeopardy-style Capture The Flag(CTF) event with categories like web exploitation, reverse engineering, and cryptography.
  9. RoboQuest: Build your robots to compete with your opponents and overcome challenges.
  10. Amalthea Open: Amalthea Open 2019″ official Rubik’s cube competition, an official WCA event.

Event Theme

Transcending Boundaries it represents the ideology of limitless reformations and innovations surrounding us.


In campus Accommodation

How to Register

For registration click here

Important Dates

Summit start date: Oct 19, 2019

Summit end date: Oct 20, 2019


Varun Jain – 9429574145

Ajinkya Pawar – 9623011800

For more details click here

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