5-Day Online Career Mela by Alivelihoods [Oct 14-18]: Register Now!

5-Day Online Career Mela by Alivelihoods [Oct 14-18]: Register Now!

Alivelihoods career mela
Alivelihoods career mela

About Alivelihoods Career Mela

Alivelihoods CAreer Mela is an opportunity for youth to explore and gain a deeper understanding about career opportunities.

Their objective is to encourage youth concerned about the environment, to choose and build their careers towards the same goal and the career opportunities in this field.

About the Program

Alivelihoods Career Mela is a 5-Day career fair that will enable participants to:

  • Explore the Eco-Careers.
  • Engage in dialogues the Alivelihoods practitioners to understand the nuances of each career.
  • Witness simulation of the life ahead if they choose to pursue a particular career.
  • Identify their purpose, passion, and innate values and choose a career that combines the three.
  • Build skills, community, and connections to start their journey.

Program Design

  • Grounding: Series of talks by veterans on discovering alivelihoods, regenerative economy, navigating alternative careers.
  • Dialogue: Engage in deeper dialogue with practitioners of alivelihoods that you find most exciting.
  • Hangouts: MeetĀ other participants and create your own agenda. Find your tribe, community, and build a support system.
  • Launchpad: Workshops designed to help identify unique skills & Ikigai (purpose) and launch into an alivelihood.

Program Structure

table for alivelihoods

Other Details

  • All the sessions, workshops, etc are optional. Participants can attend any session they would like to.
  • The event will be held mostly in English, with Hindi in between the conversations.


Zoom Meetings

How to Register

Click here to register for the program.

Registration Fee/Contribution

The fee for registration is in the form of contribution.

  • Minimum Amount: Rs. 100/-
  • Maximum Amount (Suggested): Rs. 1,000/-

The payment is to be made through the registration link.

Contact Information

Write to alivelihoods[at]gmail.comĀ for queries.

Contact Numbers:

  • +91 9521869419
  • +91 9810030831


For more information about the Alivelihoods Program, click here.



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