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ALC India-NITI Aayog Transforming India Initiative Social Entrepreneurship Fellowship: Apply by April 27: Expired

Transforming India Initiative is a 2 year fellowship programme that will equip you to establish enterprises of scale that will solve the most pressing challenges that are facing the country today. Even as you create a successful and rewarding life for yourself, you will benefit the marginalised and work towards transforming India into a country where everyone has access to a decent life. If you are someone who does not want to settle for the ordinary, TII is the place for you.
The programme starts with the six-month long facilitated learning module.
Here, all the fellows receive the basic skills, exposure and mindsets required for them to start their work on the ground equipped with confidence and capacity to solve the challenges of the enterprise where they are placed.
Following this, the fellows will be placed with an enterprise for 18 months.
Here they will learn through practice, reflection, discussions with their peer mentor and online learning modules.
On completion of the programme, a majority of the fellows will be expected to establish and run their own enterprise. The remaining will either work on incubating other enterprises or work with organisations in the social enterprise ecosystem.
Who is this programme for?
If you are a graduate and fulfill any three of the below criteria, you are eligible for participating in the fellowship program:

  • You have previously tried and experienced failure in establishing a business.
  • You want to explore options for an alternative, fulfilling career path.
  • You have a vision to work for a cause larger than yourself.
  • You believe in learning by doing and not through traditional academic programmes.
  • You have an idea for an enterprise but don’t know how to establish one.
  • You want to work towards a better, more equitable India.

Selection Procedure:

  • Psychometric and Aptitude Test.
  • Telephonic Interview.
  • Two-day direct Assessment.

Fee Details:
The fees for the entire programme is INR 6,90,000, including a contribution to the alumni fund that can be accessed by fellows who are in need of funds after the completion of the programme.
During the 18-month practicum, the programme will provide a fixed maintenance allowance of INR 10,000 per month. The fellows will be supported in solving five organisational challenges of the enterprise during the practicum. On solving each challenge, the fellow can earn INR 10,000. Including the fixed and variable components, the fellow can earn INR 2.3 lakhs during the practicum.
Education loans will be facilitated for eligible candidates.
How to Apply?
Click here to apply.
Application Fee: INR 700
Application Deadline: April 27, 2018.
If you have any questions, please email at:

For further information on the same, click here.


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