Transforming India Initiative is a 2 year fellowship programme that will equip you to establish enterprises of scale that will solve the most pressing challenges that are facing the country today. Even as you create a successful and rewarding life for yourself, you will benefit the marginalised and work towards transforming India into a country where everyone has access to a decent life. If you are someone who does not want to settle for the ordinary, TII is the place for you.

Who is this programme for?

TII is looking for individuals with perseverance, passion, a learning outlook and an exploratory mind who are looking to chart their own path and earn a living, even as they are transforming the lives of the marginalized. All applicants should be graduates, with any additional education/experience being an advantage.

Selection Procedure:

  • Psychometric and Aptitude Test.
  • Telephonic Interview.
  • Two-day direct Assessment.

How to Apply?

Click here to apply.

Application Deadline: 2 March, 2018.


If you have any questions, please email at: tii@alcindia.org

For further information on the same, click here.


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