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AIMA’s Workshop on GST [Delhi, May 26]: Registrations Open

Model GST Law is already available in the public domain and many draft rules such as Registration, Invoicing, Return filing, Payment, Refunds rules are available for public comments. Professional bodies and experts are now clear that implementation of GST effective July, 2017 is certain.

It will therefore be imperative for Industries of all segments to understand the basic features of the law and its respective impact on them. They should come forward and understand the intricacies of law in detail so that a constructive plan could be firmed up to take maximum benefit out of the changed law.

This is the right time to analyse future shape of things and identify opportunities and challenges involved in the wake of introduction of this new levy and take suitable action to safeguard their interest.


  • What is Goods and Services Tax (GST) and why it is required.
  • Existing indirect tax structure.
  • Various issues in the existing structure.
  • Distinguishing features of GST. (Comparison between old and new law).
  • Meaning & Concept of Supply and its relevance under GST.
  • Difference between Goods and Services (relevance under GST).
  • Proposed Tax Mechanism (Time & Value of Supply).
  • Open house questions & answers.


This workshop will be aimed at ensuring that each participant should go with enriched knowledge of this new tax legislation not only theoretically but also practically.

Topics will be covered with the help of various interactive case studies involving practical problems which will give hands on experience and knowledge to all the participants.


The understanding of the subject will help the participants in protecting the interest of their respective organization from any untoward exposure at the time of transition.

The workshop will take the participants through various practical situations and their likely solutions which will help the participants in smooth transition and implementation of the subject.

Registration Fee: Rs. 7500 /- per participant

Contact for Registration

Nidhi Sharma, CSDT, All India Management Association
Management House, 14, Institutional Area, Lodi Road, New Delhi – 110003
Cell: 09810536427 Email: nidhi@aima.in.

For more details, see the official notification here.


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