Admission: Post Graduate Programme in Development Leadership at ISDM, Noida: Application Open

About ISDM

Indian School of Development Management (ISDM) was established in 2016, with a vision of changing the narrative around leadership and management in the social sector by facilitating the creation of an entire ecosystem for Development Management.

About the Programme

The one-year intensive Post Graduate Programme in Development Leadership is a unique programme that has been carefully put together in consultation with nearly a hundred leading practitioners and academics, and in partnership with a large number, and variety of organisations and institutions, working in the development sector. The programme focus is also supported by numerous grassroots-level research studies on various aspects of Development Management.

Themes of Programme

There are 5 broad themes that define this programme:

  • Understanding Development – What is development, looking at it from various lenses (social, economic, environment, gender, human rights etc.), how has the idea of development evolved over time, who’s development, who decides development etc.
  • Understanding the Self – Who you are as an individual, what values you stand for, what are your aspirations, strengths, improvement areas etc.
  • Understanding Organisations – Understanding how to build world class social organisations with the appropriate strategy, structure, systems, process and culture
  • Understanding Interventions – Looking at design, implementation, evaluation and monitoring of appropriately design social interventions
  • Understanding Networks and Partnerships – Starting to looking at issues from a Systems and Design thinking lens and working towards creating relevant partnerships which can deliver sustainable social impact at scale

The 9 weeks on the field are split into 2 segments

  • Realising India – a 2 week district rural immersion with the objective of helping students get a sense of actual development challenges at the ground level (Happens in Term 3)
  • Residency – a 7 week problem solving internship with a partner organisation where our students will work on resolving a functional issue being faced by a partner organisation.
  • Graduates from all fields are welcome to apply for this course.
  • The candiates should have a strong inclination to work in the social sector and should be able to speak and understand english.
Cost of Programme
  • The Tuition Fees for the programme is INR 500,000. We are a not for profit organisation and the programme is being offered at huge subsidy. The course is much more affordable than other Similar programmes.
  • In addition, there are scholarships being made available to ensure that no student loses out an opportunity to study at ISDM for financial reasons. All students who decide to stay at our Hostel will get a living grant.
How to Apply?

Interested applicants can apply for the programme through this link.


Email: admissions[at]
Phone: 9999788216

For further details, click here.

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