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Admission to Doctoral Program of TERI SAS, Delhi: Apply by May 31

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By: Mrinaal | 08 Jan 2020 10:09 PM

The Doctoral Program is intended to encourage meaningful research on issues that have a potential fallout on the sustainability of business. The research focus inter alia includes business management problems; sustainable business strategies; financing and management of infrastructure, business modeling for emerging markets, sustainability financing, environmental, social and governance factors in business, business ethics; corporate social responsibility and the like.

Who can Apply

The Pre-Ph.D course requirements shall be as follows :-

(i) In order to overcome any deficiency in the breadth of fundamental training for advanced work, several courses are offered across disciplines taught at the Deemed University. Such courses would include those at Masters level or could be special ones created only for the doctoral student/s.

(ii) The courses will be offered by TERI SAS.

(iii) The credit assigned to the Ph.D course work shall be a minimum of 8 credits and a maximum of 16 credits.

(iv) Four credits shall be assigned to one or more courses on Research Methodology which could cover areas such as quantitative methods, computer applications, research ethics and review of published research in the relevant field, training, field work, etc. One course on Technical Writing (2 credits) will be a mandatory course for all Ph.D students. Other courses shall be advanced level courses preparing the students for Ph.D degree.

(v) The course requirement will be determined by the DRC (Department Research Committee) on the recommendations of the SRC (Student Research Committee) after considering the student?s background in relation to the proposed topic of research.

(vi) Grades in the course work, including research methodology courses shall be finalized after a combined assessment by the SRC and the Department and the final grades shall be communicated to Registrar.

(vii) The minimum CGPA requirement will be 7.0.

(viii) The pre-Ph.D course work must be completed within the first two semesters and the first three semesters of joining the programme by full-time and part-time students, respectively.

How to Apply

To apply online, click here.

Application Deadline

May 31, 2020



For more information, click here.

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