Adam Smith Fellowship at Mercatus Center, US [Award Up to Rs. 7.1L]: Apply by March 15: Expired

About the Fellowship

The Adam Smith Fellowship is a co-sponsored program of the Mercatus Center and Liberty Fund, Inc. Adam Smith Fellowships are awarded to graduate students attending PhD programs at any university and in any discipline, including but not limited to economics, philosophy, political science, and sociology.

Aim of Fellowship

The aim of these fellowships is to introduce students to and encourage them to critically engage key thinkers in political economy that they might not otherwise encounter during their graduate studies. As such, Adam Smith Fellows spend three weekends during the academic year and one week during the summer participating in workshops and seminars on the Austrian, Virginia, and Bloomington schools of political economy.

Who can Apply?

Students who meet all of the following 3 criteria are strongly encouraged to apply:

  • Students that will be enrolled in an accredited PhD program during the upcoming academic year.
  • Students that are able to commit to traveling 3 weekends and 1 week for colloquia during the upcoming academic year.
  • Students that have a research or teaching interest that would benefit from a greater understanding of key writings in political economy.

The total award of up to $10,000 includes a stipend and travel and lodging to attend colloquia hosted by the Mercatus Center. Adam Smith Fellows are eligible to re-apply each year of their studies and are also eligible to apply for conference and research support.

How to Apply?

In order to apply to the Adam Smith Fellowship, click here. The online application includes:

  • A 1-2 page cover letter explaining:
    • your graduate school career to date,
    • your research and research interests,
    • your familiarity with the thinkers associated with the Austrian, Virginia, and Bloomington schools of political economy, and
    • what you hope to get out of the program.
  • A current resume/CV
  • A  few short answer questions
Application Deadline

March 15, 2020


Email: SmithFellowship[at]

For more details, click here.

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