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Academic Program on “Design and Analysis of Mechanisms & Machines through Motionview & MATLAB at MNIT Jaipur [Nov 11-15]: Register by Oct 30: Expired

Theory of Machines/Kinematics and Dynamics of Machines subject is usually taught, along with lab/practical sessions, at UG and Diploma levels of engineering courses. But, to make an engineer to be more effective and efficient in today’s scenario, it is also required to train engineering students to apply the basic knowledge to achieve advanced designs using tools and techniques that are faster and more efficient.

Therefore, this course is aimed to train current as well as prospective (i.e., UG/PG students) faculty members about learning and teaching this course using simulation tools, such as Motion View and Motion Solve, MATLAB. This will help in producing engineers who are well equipped with the tools and techniques being used in the industries.

With the above said motivation, it is expected that the participants would be able to design and analyze (kinematically and dynamically) a mechanism or any multibody systems using Motion View and Motion Solve, MATLAB, and also to visualize motions of moving members of a machine, and understand their correlations and would be able to determine the most important kinematic/dynamic design parameters.

Course content

The short-term course aims to include the following topics:

  • Introduction to Kinematic Diagrams, Degree of Freedom, Four-bar Linkages, Grubler’s Criteria Linkages: Position Analysis, Linkages: Velocity and Acceleration Analysis.
  • Introduction to Kinematics and Dynamics & methods of synthesis and analysis of machine components and systems.
  • Design a mechanism / machine to satisfy given motion (or other performance) requirements Hands on Training for building and analyzing multibody systems using Altair Hyper-works Motion View and Motion Solve software and MATLAB.
Who can attend?

This course is aimed to the faculty of engineering at Degree / Diploma levels, PG students, Research Scholars only from AICTE approved technical institutions from all over India, who intend to learn and/or teach Kinematic and Dynamics of Mechanisms and Machines through modern tools and techniques, such as, Motion View and Motion Solve, MATLAB.

Important dates
  • Registration before: 30th October 2019
  • Communication of acceptance: 5th November 2019
  • Course Dates: 11th- 15th November 2019
  • Interested one can register for the same via this page.
  • There is no Registration fee from a participant from AICTE approved institutes

Dr. Dinesh Kumar
Email: vermadinesh2002[at]gmail.com
Call: 9549654562

For more details, click here.

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