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ABC Biologics’ Conference on Advances in Mass Spectrometry Biosimilars and LBA-Biomarker Analysis [Hyderabad, Sep 22]: Registration Open

About the Organizer

ABC Biologics is a global leading conference and training organizers constantly looking for bringing innovations in bioscience and pharmaceutical industry.  The conference and training programs have been scheduled to transfer innovations, solutions for challenges and improving business partnerships throughout the world.

About the Conference:

The conference will be addressing large molecule (protein & peptides), Biosimilar, Biomarker analysis more specifically. The conference will also identify how industry and in particular the biosciences manufacturing sector can be the best supporters to meet the challenge of changing global biologics demands in health care sector.

High-level scientists from the world class research institutions and top notch industry expert’s lectures are highlighting the conference. The conference is going to promote exchanging ideas between scientist and industry experts which strengthen the research networking skills and development This is an exceptional opportunity for industry beginners to learn more and experts to share the experiences to gain more knowledge.


  1. The conference is aimed to present recent advances and challenges in mass spectrometry in bioanalysis (Biosimilars and LBA- Biomarkers). It is a common forum for discussing day to day research challenges in bioanalysis by using LC-MS/MS and other analytical instruments.
  2. A pragmatic approach to “fit-for-purpose” validation of assays for biomarkers, those molecules receiving increased attention as potentially demonstrating that the target chosen in discovery is being modulated by the candidate therapeutic, both in nonclinical and clinical studies.
  3. Measurement or characterization in a biological matrix related to int -ended use like predictive, diagnostic, prognostic, theranostic, PK/PD, patient selection/stratification, specific Vs pathways, actual/surrogate end point is going to be discussed as part of the LBA-biomarkers.

Registration Fee:

Access to ConferenceDelegatesScientist/Faculty#*Research  Fellows/Students


Registration Guidelines:

  1. All prices mentioned are inclusive of applicable taxes & are nonrefundable.
  2. Early Bird Registration Discounts are not applicable for Scientists & Research Fellows
  3. #Scientist and Faculty from Research and Academic Institutes
  4. *Kindly attach a copy of a valid ID proof of your designation and also present it at the time of registration.
  5. Student and Research Fellows have no access to Business Partnering and Networking Events.


E-Mail: eadembalaraju@abcbiologics.com, conference@abcbiologics.com
Phone: +91 9030435853

For Organizer’s Website, kindly visit the link given here and for conference brochure, please visit the link given here.


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