Aao Gaon Ko Jaane, Residential Programme for Urban Kids by Sahaj Foundation, Himachal Pradesh: Registrations Open

Around 70% population of our country thrives in the villages. Yet, we, the remaining 30%, know very little or, in some cases, almost nothing of the rich cultural heritage and knowledge systems that our villages have. On the contrary, we, the urbanites, grow up with deep conditionings to believe that villagers are financially poor and intellectually incompetent to handle the course of their own ‘development’.
We not only underestimate our villagers’ innate capabilities to learn from nature, but we also ignore their ability to collaborate with each other and co-exist while living in harmony with all creations including plant and animal world.
‘आओ गांव को जाने’ (Aao Gaon Ko Jaane) is a program designed for urban kids to come forward and explore the villages on their own while keeping their conditionings and assumptions aside. The workshop shall help its participants to not only understand the rural eco-system but also experience the love, humility, co-operation and gratefulness that our villagers naturally come up with.
The kids shall get a chance to spend time with kids/grown-ups of the villages, live the way they live, walk in the midst of nature and understand the basic knowledge systems related to Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Forests, Governance etc through real time projects. We are sure that, for kids, it would not only be a perfect way to spend their outing, but would also be an opportunity that they would forever cherish in their lifetime.


To create an understanding of rural eco-systems among kids coming from urban environment and to help them experience the values that rural populace naturally lives with.

Tools and Outcomes

The workshop shall use on-ground visits to nearby villages, dialogues, projects, interactive sessions, collaborative games and movies as its tools to achieve its objectives.
The entire workshop experience shall not only improve the understanding of kids about rural landscape but shall also inculcate values and nurture their lifeskills and leadership traits as they would be facilitated to work in groups to deliver real time projects. On the concluding day of the workshop, kids would be required to present their learnings and experiences to the entire group.

Timeline, Batch Size, Age and Venue

7 Days
Minimum 15 – Maximum 25 kids
Age 12-17 Years; Grade 7-12
Deer Park Institute, Bir, District Kangra, Himachal Pradesh


Rs 6,000 per participant. The charges include accommodation, food and local travel, as and when required, during the workshop. The charges do not include to and fro travel from participants’ base location to Bir.
The participants are required to submit a non-refundable deposit of Rs 3,000 per participant in order confirm their participation in the workshop.

Application Procedure

Apply online by clicking here.


Call: 8679475925

For official website link, click here


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