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Aakaar: Annual Technical Fest at IIT Bombay [Jan 25-26]: Register by Jan 15

By: Jasmeet | 30 Dec 2019 9:17 PM

Aakaar IIT Bombay is proud to launch its fourth International Civil Engineering Symposium, with a prime motive of encouraging young research enthusiasts in the field of civil engineering to engage in vigorous research and take civil engineering to a whole new level. ICES IIT Bombay looks forward to bring together and support such talented and enthusiastic people.

Organized every year by a group of dedicated civil engineering students from IIT Bombay, the tenth edition of Aakar will be held at IIT Bombay from January 25 to 25, 2020.


The theme of the ICES this year is Challenges in Civil Engineering. ICES IIT Bombay intends to bring together leading researchers in this domain of interest from around the world. It looks forward to witnessing and demonstrate the remarkable range of interests being pursued in and beyond the classroom.


Events provide an opportunity to interact and get insight from pre-eminent industrialists and academicians through lecture series, Panel Discussion and opportunity to try your hands at professional software and also to visit the best-equipped laboratories in the country and get creative with your knowledge to have fun with total strangers.

The major events include:

  1. CENEx: Civil Engineering National Exhibition,
  2. Lecture Series,
  3. Worshops,
  4. Panel discussion &
  5. Lab visits.
  1. Paper Presentation: The International Civil Engineering Symposium (ICES) will act as a platform to exchange ideas and scientific knowledge through intense professional interaction among the aspiring civil engineering researchers who are inclined towards discovering, learning and innovating new domains. We believe this will lead to fruitful germination of collaborative research work.
  2. Poster Presentation
  3. Case Study

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