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9th Bharatiya Chhatra Sansad @ MIT School of Government, Pune [Jan 18-20]: Registrations Open

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About Bharatiya Chhatra Sansad (Indian Student Parliament)

The Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi once said “BE THE CHANGE YOU WISH TO SEE “.

We all talk about the change we want in governance but are not willing to contribute where it matters the most. Transparent and accountable governance will remain a farfetched idea unless spirited, educated and trained young men and women participate in political and democratic processes.

The BCS is a classroom that provides political coaching to nearly 10,000 students in the age group of 18-25. It provides lessons on the functioning of a democracy and encourages the students to serve the society by entering public life and attaining leadership roles.

It is aimed at enhancing the roles and relevance of youth in democratic institutions such as: political parties, social organizations, colleges, universities and public institutions. We are trying to create an environment so that committed, educated and spirited youth participate in democratic polity and contribute in evolving a healthy, democratic system.

It is a truly apolitical outfit and does not engage in any mainstream party politics. It is transforming the outlook of youth and reaffirming their respect for democracy and its institutions. It is raising the extent of their involvement, their access and their say in political and democratic processes.

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The platform has also turned out to be a bridge between political parties and the aspiring youth, willing to choose politics as a career.


  • Connect Politically / Socially active youth of India on one platform for the common purpose of strengthening democracy and to inculcate a national vision.
  • Create in them respect for politics, political leaders, democracy and its institutions and train them for future leadership of the country.
  • Raise their awareness, intellect and sensitivity to social & political issues, encourage and motivate students to embrace public life in service to the nation.
  • Promote national and regional understanding, inter-cultural dialogue and diversity of ideas and practices.
  • Contribute to the personal skills development of Indian youth.
  • Provide a forum in which young people can express their own opinions, interact with eminent personalities from different spectrums of life, take pledge to uphold democratic values, pass resolutions for social good and submit it to the government for consideration and action.
  • Create energetic ‘ambassadors’ of democracy to replicate the democratic values and influence their peers who are not participants of BCS.

Inspiring Academic Sessions in 9th BCS

1st DAY : FRIDAY, 18th JANUARY 2019

  • Inauguration Ceremony: 1130 hrs
  • Session 1 : Fake News and Social Media : A Lethal Combination: 1500 hrs
  • Special Session : 1 – YOUTH TO YOUTH CONNECT (Part 1): 1700 hrs

2nd DAY : SATURDAY, 19th JANUARY 2019

  • Session 2 : Indian Economy : Post Demonetization and GST: 0900 hrs
  • Session 3 : Curbing Crime Against Women : What Celebrities and Social Icons Can Do? :1100 hrs
  • Session 4 : One Nation – One Election : A Step Towards Great Governance: 1400 hrs
  • Special Session : 2 – YOUTH TO YOUTH CONNECT (Part 2): 1630 hrs

3rd DAY : SUNDAY, 20th JANUARY 2019

  • Session 5 : Casteism and Corruption : Biggest Blots on Indian Democracy: 0900 hrs
  • Session 6 : Judicial Turmoil : Disquiet and Dissent of Indian Judiciary: 1100 hrs
  • Valedictory Ceremony: 1430 hrs


Day 1 Registration: Click here

Day 2 Registration: Click here

Day 3 Registration: Click here


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Tel: +91-20-30273638, 30273639
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Fax : +91-20-25412393/25442770 E-mail : ir@mitwpu.edu.in

For full details, view the brochure given here and the visit this website


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