5 Must Reads You Can’t Miss This Week: Editor’s Choice

Miss reading amidst the overflow of information?

We get it. We are also overwhelmed with the amount of information there is.

Don’t fret!

We will save you time and energy. Here are five readworthy pieces that you must engage with to get those cerebral juices flowing.

These are amongst the best pieces published on Academike, Lawctopus Law Journal. Please give it a read and comment on what you think about it.

Manual Scavenging in India and the Casteist Shadow of the State: Book Review

 In the article, DhruvSoni reviews Bhasha Singh’s excellent book ‘UNSEEN- The Truth About India’s Manual Scavengers.The book was first published in Hindi as ‘Adrishya Bharat’ and was later translated into English by Reenu Talwar in 2014.

Bhasha Singh, in her book, writes a telling account of manual scavenging in India, which stands relevant even today. She details the stories from across India and is writing with deep anguish and pain. Her words are moving, and so are the real-life narratives of manual scavengers. Although her book was published in 2014, a lot still stands true. Read the full review here.

Custodial Deaths in India: Two Tales of Torture, Death and Despair 

In this one,Lavanya Gupta and Teesha write about the state of custodial deaths in India, speaking from the Jayaraj and Bennix case and Faizan’s case. Both these case are examples of custodial death in India.

P Jayaraj and J Bennix, from Sathakulam in Thoothukudi Tamil Nadu, had died in police custody, while Faizan was one of the victims of the Riots, which took place in North East Delhi. Both these cases caught attention owing to police brutality and torture that marked the cases of custodial death.

Custodial deaths in India saw a surge in 2020, even when most of India was under a lockdown. These deaths cannot be seen linearly without drawing back to the sites of injustice. Custodial death is often celebrated in commercial movies, and therefore an abuse of power becomes an acceptable norm in reality. Thus, both these cases explain how impunity works for the police in India. Read the entire piece here.

The Siddique Kappan Case: How Freedom of Speech Got Incarcerated

Journalist Siddique Kappan case recently reignited after his video asserting his belief in the Indian Constitution and Judiciary went viral. SiddiquieKappan got arrested while he was on his way to report the Hathras rape case in Uttar Pradesh. He is among many small and independent journalists who are wrongfully incarcerated under draconian laws like the Unlawful (Activities) Prevention Act and sedition.

Shubhra Agarwal, a Lawctopus Writers Club member, breaks down the case with its timeline. She also explains how the case defies legal protections, abusing excessive state power to silence voices of dissent.

The Barbaric Reality of Conversion Therapy in India: Why Need to Know About it?

Conversion therapy, also termed reparative therapy or gay cure therapy, aims to change the sexual orientation of an individual to ‘cure’ them. It essentially seeks to suppress an individual’s natural desires and sexual identity through various methods ranging from prayers to ‘corrective’ physical violence. 

Deepanshi Mehrotra uncovers the history of conversion therapy and its abuses on LGBTQIA+ persons. Needless to say, the only thing abnormal about homosexuality is its unacceptance in Indian society.

Read more, here

Demand for Covid Vaccine Patent Waiver: Justified and Unreasonable?

On June 14, at an inaugural session at the G7 Summit, India stressed for Covid vaccine patent waiver for the umpteenth time. India requested a lift of patent for the Covid-19 vaccine after the United States had offered to support the same in May. While the Council of TRIPS recently decided to hold a series of meetings till July to mull over patent wavers for the Covid vaccine, the push for the same got initiated in October last year. Although reasonable, the demand for a patent waiver by South Africa and India caused quite a stir among pharmaceutical companies and wealthier nations.

Nishtha Mittal detailsthe meaning and significance of intellectual property rights regarding the Covid vaccine and its equitable distribution. She argues that amid a raging emergency, a middle path could offer a tangible solution. Read here.

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