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10 Top Trending Online Courses for Science, Engineering & Management Students: Enroll Now

Pandemic has increased the demand for Top Trending Online courses. Here we bring to you the 10 Top Trending Online Courses for Science, Engineering & Management Students offered by Edx.

If you are in a Science, Engineering & Management Students and looking for Top Trending Online Courses, then you are at a right place. Check out the list of the same below with full details like syllabus, instructors and registration link.

MicroMasters Program in Software Development by University of British Columbia [Online, 9 Months]

Speed is critical in software development. Successful developers are those who are able to quickly learn new technologies and new software systems, and they do this by seeing any software – in any programming language – as common repeating patterns, not just detailed lines of code.

In this MicroMasters program, you will learn this same kind of expert thinking. By working through several software development projects, you will learn specific technologies, including Java, JUnit, IntelliJ IDEA, Typescript and Node.js. But even more important, you will develop the ability to see the common structures in programs and in tools and learn how to apply these skills to master new technologies quickly.

  • Duration: 9 Months (6 – 8 hours per week)
  • Syllabus: How to Code: Simple Data, How to Code: Complex Data, Software Construction: Data Abstraction, Software Construction: Object-Orientation Design, Software Engineer: Introduction, Software Development Capstone Project.
  • Fee: ₹61,844 For the full program experience.

Click here to register for MicroMasters Program in Software Development

MicroMasters Program in Predictive Analytics using Python by the University of Edinburgh [8 Months, Online]

MicroMasters programs are designed to offer learners a pathway to an advanced degree and can count as credit toward completing a Master’s degree program. Learners who successfully earn this MicroMasters program certificate may apply for admission to a Master’s program and, if accepted, the MicroMasters program certificate will count towards the degree.

In the era of Data Science and Big Data, organisations hold more information about their business environments than ever before. Increasingly, these organisations are recognising the role of data science in leveraging current and historical data and out-thinking competitors. As a result, there is a growing demand for employees and managers who have advanced data analytics skills and the ability to make informed decisions that drive organisational success.

  • Eligibility: This MicroMasters program is designed for those who have an undergraduate level, or equivalent professional experience/background in mathematics, statistics, or programming (Java, C, Python, Visual Basic).
  • Instructor: Dr Galina Andreeva Senior Lecturer in Management Science The University of Edinburgh, Dr Matthias Bogaert Postdoctoral Research Fellow KU Leuven, Dr Johannes De Smedt Dixons Carphone Lecturer in Business Analytics The University of Edinburgh & Sofia Varypati Course tutor The University of Edinburgh.
  • Duration: 8 months, 8-10 hours per week.
  • Syllabus: Introduction to Predictive Analytics using Python, Successfully Evaluating Predictive Modelling, Statistical Predictive Modelling and Applications, Predictive Analytics using Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics Final Project.
  • Fee: ₹100,287 For the full program experience

Click here to enroll for MicroMasters Program in Predictive Analytics using Python 

MicroMasters Program in Big Data by University of Adelaide [Online, 1 Year]

Big data is changing the way businesses operate. Driven by a new scale of data collection that provides massive levels of information, businesses are now able to analyse and gather data insights to make better-informed decisions.

Data scientists and business analysts are in high-demand as companies look to use data to improve their business operations.

In this Big Data MicroMasters program, you will learn tools and analytical methods to use data for decision-making, collect and organise data at scale, and gain an understanding of how data analysis can help to inform change within organisations.

  • Syllabus: Programming for Data Science, Computational Thinking & Big Data, Big Data Fundamentals and Big Data Analytics
  • Fee: ₹73,210 For the full program experience
  • Duration: 1 year, 7 – 9 hours per week

Register here for MicroMasters Program in Big Data 

MicroMasters Program in Internet of Things (IoT) by Curtin University [Online, 10 Months]

This MicroMasters Program will put you at the front of a digital revolution, where you can design problem-solving systems or guide cutting-edge IoT projects in your industry and area of expertise. Professionals from any field who want to leverage their existing business and/or technical knowledge across IoT-related functions in their workplace will learn exactly what IoT is, how it works, and how to harness its power to improve and streamline your business.

  • Syllabus: Introduction to the Internet of Things (IoT), IoT Sensors and Devices, IoT Networks and Protocols, IoT Programming and Big Data, Cybersecurity and Privacy in the IoT and IoT Capstone Project
  • Duration: 10 months, 4 – 6 hours per week
  • Fee: ₹103,229 For the full program experience

Click here to register for MicroMasters Program in Internet of Things (IoT) 

MicroMasters Program in Leadership in Global Development from University of Queensland, Australia [Online, 11 Months]

International and community development aims to reduce poverty and improve the living standards, health and quality of life for those who need it most. As our world and the challenges we face become more complex, we need qualified and skilled professionals to lead across sectors and organizations.

Balancing theoretical knowledge with practical skills, the Leadership in Global Development MicroMasters program provides the strong technical and management skills you need to tackle the most demanding and complex challenges in global development. This program certificate will demonstrate that you have the advanced skills international development agencies are increasingly demanding from their leaders and managers.

  • Learning
    • An understanding of the prominent perspectives, trends, and challenges of leadership styles in development.
    • The ability to apply critical reasoning to the analysis of development-related issues.
    • Critical knowledge of the science, practice and policy of sustainable pathways to development.
    • Skills in adaptive development practice, in finding local solutions to complex problems, and for scaling those solutions to improve policy.
  • Duration: 11 months, 9 – 11 hours per week
  • Fee: ₹100,287 For the full program experience

Enroll here for MicroMasters Program in Leadership in Global Development

Online Course on Remote Work Revolution for Everyone by Harvard University [3 Weeks]

In Remote Work Revolution for Everyone, you will learn to excel in the virtual-work landscape. Using the Harvard Business School case method of real-world examples, Professor Tsedal Neeley will not only provide actionable recommendations but also explain the theories and concepts behind them.

You will learn how to build trust, increase productivity, use digital tools intelligently, and remain fully aligned with your remote team. By the end of the course, you will create actionable steps to “relaunch” your team—focusing on new ways to stay connected, be collaborative, and remain productive—while meeting your own personal and organizational goals.

  • Learnings:
    • Understand the key elements of remote work and use your knowledge to successfully navigate the remote work environment
    • Develop strategies for yourself and your team, improving productivity, communication, and collaboration
    • Understand the types of trust required to be successful in remote working environments—and how to build it
    • Learn how to select the right digital tools to increase productivity and access to team members
    • Implement practices that will allow you to be an effective leader and successfully manage a remote team
    • Create a plan to relaunch your team into successful remotely working contributors
  • Duration: 3 Weeks, 2–3 hours per week.
  • Fee: Free, Add a Verified Certificate for ₹7,337.
  • Instructor: Tsedal Neeley, Naylor Fitzhugh Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School.

Click here to register for Online Course on Remote Work Revolution for Everyone

Course on COVID-19 Training for Healthcare Workers by Stanford University [2 Weeks, Online]

Learning modules are broken into short (<10 minutes) videos presented in straightforward language. This allows providers to learn at their own pace and time. Topics include symptoms and signs in patients with COVID-19, early stabilization of patients, prevention of the need for intubation, and ventilator management of patients.

The best evidence and guidelines are summarized while accompanying handouts provide written learning points and links to online references. Additionally, simple infographics are available for providers to utilize within their care facilities to educate and promote optimal care across their entire institution.

  • Learnings:
    • Recognize early and late clinical signs of COVID-19 infection in patients
    • Correctly apply, remove, and reuse appropriate personal protective equipment based on COVID-19 exposure risk
    • Systematically assess and provide immediate stabilization to undifferentiated sick patients
    • Perform a rapid bedside assessment of a dyspneic patient
    • Utilize bedside ultrasound to evaluate for COVID-19
    • Obtain and interpret key diagnostic tests in COVID-19 patients with dyspnea
    • Appropriately position and provide supplemental oxygen to patients with dyspnea
  • Instructors: Matthew Strehlow Associate Professor, Emergency Medicine Stanford Medicine and S.V. Mahadevan Professor, Emergency Medicine Stanford Medicine
  • Fee: FREE, Add a Verified Certificate for ₹743

Register here for Course on COVID-19 Training for Healthcare Workers by Stanford University

MicroMasters Program in Healthcare Administration by Doane University [Online, 7 Months]

The Healthcare Administration MicroMasters program consists of 7 courses and a capstone exam. After completing, you can also apply to Doane University to complete your MBA online for approximately $10,500 (more details below). The demand for skilled Healthcare Administrators is projected to grow 17 percent between 2016 and 2026,

  • Syllabus: Healthcare Organisation and delivery models, Health informatics & Technology in decision making, Healthcare finance, economics, and risk, Health law, policy, and advocacy, Vulnerable Populations, Organizational Culture & Change in Healthcare, Strategic leadership in healthcare and Healthcare administration Comprehensive Exam.
  • Duration: 7 months, 5 – 10 hours per week
  • Fee: ₹93,134 For the full program experience

Click here to enroll for MicroMasters Program in Healthcare Administration

Professional Certificate in Human-Computer Interaction by Georgia Institute of Technology [Online, 6 Months]

This course begins with an introduction to the field of Human-Computer Interaction as a whole and where it sits in the context of related and similar fields like Human Factors Engineering and User Experience Design. Here, you’ll learn just enough of the history of HCI to get started having real conversations about the field.

  • Syllabus: Human-Computer Interactions I: Fundamentals & Design Principles, Human-Computer Interaction II: Cognition, Context & Culture, Human-Computer Interaction III: Ethics, Needfinding & Prototype and Human-Computer Interaction IV: Evaluation, Agile methods & beyond.
  • Duration: 6 months, 5 – 6 hours per week
  • Fee: ₹26,476 For the full program experience

Register here for Professional Certificate in Human-Computer Interaction 

MicroMasters Program in UX Design and Evaluation by HEC Montréal [Online, 10 Months]

Learn User Experience fundamentals from the professors of the most important UX lab in North America. In this UX MicroMasters program, you will learn to meet organizational goals and satisfy users by applying a user-centred process to the digital products and services development that solve industry-relevant, real-world problems.

  • Syllabus: Introduction to User Experience, UX Research, UX Design, UX Prototyping, UX Evaluation, UX Data Analysis and UX Management.
  • Duration: 10 months, 6 – 9 hours per week
  • Fee: ₹133,315 For the full program experience

Click here to enroll for MicroMasters Program in UX Design and Evaluation 

Course on LaTeX for Students, Engineers, and Scientists by IIT Bombay [Online, 7 Weeks]

LaTeX, a document preparation system, is widely used for publishing in many scientific fields like mathematics, statistics, computer science, engineering, chemistry, physics, economics, linguistics, etc. It is a powerful and open-source system that provides numerous facilities for automating typesetting of the document: i.e. structuring page layout, listing and auto-numbering of sections, tables, figures, generating a table of contents, managing cross-referencing, citing, and indexing.

This course introduces the basic concepts of LaTeX. Participants taking this course will be able to create and design documents in LaTeX and presentations in Beamer with confidence.

  • Syllabus: Topic 1: Introduction, Topic 2: Styling Pages, Topic 3: Formatting Content, Topic 4: Tables and Images, Topic 5: Referencing and Indexing and Topic 6: Presentation using Beamer
  • Duration: 7 Weeks (3-4 hours per week)
  • Fee: FREE, Add a Verified Certificate for ₹10,326

Click here to register for IIT Bombay’s Course on LaTeX for Students, Engineers, and Scientists 

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