IIT BHU Model United Nations was initiated in 2012, the same year in which the institute was converted from IT to an IIT.

In its initial two editions, the conference was held in association with IIMUN, Varanasi Chapter. The 2013 edition was conducted in conjunction with Kashiyatra, the annual cultural festival of the institute.

The last three editions have been completely independently organised events. The quality of debating, the standard of the agendas and the expertise of the Executive Board have been raising in standards year by year.

A constant rise has been observed in the level of participation from all over the country that includes not only college but school students as well.

Consistent efforts put in by the organisers have made IIT BHU MUN one of the most sought-after event for MUNers across the country.
So MUNers, mark the dates and be ready for some serious debating, exhausting sessions and a lot of intellectual enrichment.


IIT BHU MUN 2017 will host the following committees:

1) United Nations Security Council (UNSC):
The Arab-Israeli conflict: The regional analysis of Arab-Israeli relation (In light of recent resolution S/RES/2334).

2) United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO):
Promote inclusive and sustainable industrial development to facilitate a transition from aid-dependent to self-reliance of refugees and IDPs taking into consideration climate change mitigation.

3) Lok Sabha:
Review of Anti-Defection laws.

4) World Trade Organization (WTO):
Implementation of the policies enshrined in the ‘Aid for Trade’ initiative.

5) Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (COPUOS):
The Colonization and Privatisation of Outer Space.

6) United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (UNCSW):
Securing and improving the access to employment for women.

7) United Nations General Assembly Disarmament and International Security Council (UNGA DISEC):
Tackling and disarming terrorist organisations in Iraq and Afghanistan.


The Delegate Fees for IIT BHU MUN 2017 are as follows:

Registration without accommodation: INR 1500/-
Registration with accommodation: INR 2500/-
Registration for BHU Participants: INR 800/-


Secretary General, Jayesh Motwani: secretarygeneral@iitbhumun.in
Director General, Ayush Goyal: secretariat@iitbhumun.in

Click here for further information and register as delegate or International Press.

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