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About the Scholarship:

The Scheme framed in pursuance of the Union Budget 2005-06 announcements is effective from 21st June, 2007. The Scheme was subsequently revised in January, 2012. Objective of the Scheme is to promote quality education amongst SC students, by providing full financial support for pursuing studies beyond 12th class.


  • There are 175 notified institutions of excellence spread all over the country including IIMs, IITs, NITs, commercial pilot training institutions and reputed medical/law and other institutions of excellence.
  • A total of 1250 slots is to be granted scholarships every year. Courses of study covered are Engineering, Medicine/Dentistry, Law, Management and other Specialized Streams.
  • The scholarship, once awarded, continues until the completion of the course, subject to the satisfactory performance.
Income Ceiling and Eligibility:
  • The annual family income ceiling from all sources for eligibility under the Scheme is Rs.4.50 lakh.
  • The general selection criteria among the eligible candidates of any institution must be the merit. However, if for the last available slot in an institution, there are more than one students with equal marks, preference may be given to the student with the lowest annual family income.
  • The SC students, who secure admission in the notified institutions, according to the norms prescribed by the respective institutions, are eligible for the scholarship under the scheme to the extent of the number of scholarships allocated to the institutions concerned.
  • The scholarship is merit based and the top ones in each institution (subject to their eligibility) to get.
  • In case the number of students admitted exceeds the number of awards, then the scholarship will be restricted to the top ones in the merit list institute-wise.
  • In case the Institute finds that the number of eligible candidates in the 1st year is less than the number of scholarships allotted to it, the balance scholarships may be offered to students studying in 2nd, 3rd and 4th year, etc. on the basis of the merit of previous year’s results giving priority to those with higher number of years left to complete their respective courses i.e., 1st year student is to get priority over the 2nd year student and so on.

Quantum of Assistance

The scholarship is awarded for:

  • Full tuition fee and other non-refundable charges (there is a ceiling of Rs.2 lakh per annum per student towards fee in the private institutions and Rs.3.72 lakh per annum per student in private commercial pilot training institutions).
  • Living expenses @ of Rs.2220 per month per student
  • Books & Stationery @ Rs.3000 per annum per student and
  • The latest computer with full accessories limited to Rs. 45000 per student as one-time assistance (Living expenses, the cost of books and stationery and computer are subject to actual).

Funding Pattern:

Funds are released by the Ministry directly to the institutions in a single installment on yearly basis, upon receipt of necessary details about the admission of SC students.

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